Top Tips: Port Authorities – what can you offer as a contingency measure for vessels failing BWT inspections?

- Top Tip Series: Port Authorities - what can you offer as a contingency measure for vessels failing BWT inspections?

If you are a port authority and want to ensure that your port is not being polluted with untreated foreign ballast water by visiting vessels failing to comply with IMO ballast water management regulations, then no doubt you will be considering the start of an inspection programme for vessels visiting your port.

Before starting these inspections you should consider the contingency measures required, in the event that a vessel fails an inspection as a result of a faulty onboard treatment system.

Repairing the faulty onboard treatment system may be one option for the vessel, however for more serious faults repairs on board may not be possible without the vessel first receiving a delivery of spare parts and / or a visit from a treatment system service engineer. In this case clearly a more workable contingency plan will be required if the vessel is to keep operational delays (and consequential costs) to a minimum and at the same time avoid polluting the port with untreated ballast water.

A port based single stage treatment system is an ideal contingency plan. A port system may be connected to the vessel’s ballast water system, allowing the vessel’s ballast water to be treated by the port system prior to discharge.              

This port based containerised system can be located on the quayside or alternatively on a workboat or barge that can then be positioned alongside the visiting vessel that has failed the inspection.   

Support equipment in the form of hoses, pumps and a generator can be supplied alongside the containerised system. This complete package of treatment equipment will keep the vessel’s operational delays to a minimum and more importantly will work to keep your port pollution free!


Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference 2019

Bwc attends tanker shipping & trade conference


BWC are delighted to be attending the Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference in London. This will provide a space to share ideas and open discussions with ship owners and operators about efficient BWTS installation alternatives, demonstrating both the economical and environmental benefits our systems bring. BWC will be there to outline the full range of pre-installed, tested and commissioned BWT solutions we offer, each reducing the time, cost and risks associated with the traditional retrofit and commissioning process.

I am very pleased that I will be attending the conference in November. BWC are now well placed to help tanker owners with a time and cost-efficient alternative to the traditional retrofitting process with our current product offering.” – William Stirling, Design Engineer, Ballast Water Containers Ltd.


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BWC complete containerisation project for the Wärtsilä Aquarius® Ballast Water Management System

BWC have successfully delivered a containerised version of the Wärtsilä Aquarius® AQ-250-UV Ballast Water Management System.

US Coast Guard type approval testing of the Wärtsilä AQUARIUS® UV Ballast Water Management System will now be carried out using this containerised version of the AQ-250-UV.

BWC CEO Richard Lawson commented: “BWC is delighted to have completed this key project for Wärtsilä.”

Craig Patrick , Sales Director Wartsila BWMS added, “The successful project execution represents further cooperation between our two companies developing a reliable containerised ballast solution.”’

Containerised version of the Wärtsilä Aquarius® Ballast Water Management System
Containerised version of the Wärtsilä Aquarius® Ballast Water Management System

For further information, please contact:

Richard Lawson – Chief Executive Officer
Ballast Water Containers Ltd

Tel: +44 (0) 141 285 0364

About BWC

BWC Ltd, based in Glasgow, Scotland, has pioneered ballast water management compliance for the shipping industry by developing mobile containerised BWT systems that are suitable for retrofit, sharing or as port-based solutions; offering unparalleled choice to the shipping and barge industries.


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