Mobile ballast water treatment solutions tailored to offshore support vessels (OSVs)

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If you operate a fleet of offshore support vessels in the same area, a mobile containerised system may offer you a range of benefits – cost effective, adaptable, responsive and effective. For example Platform Supply Vessels operating in the same region servicing the offshore oil & gas industry or Offshore Support Vessels supporting an offshore wind farm, by using this system, can effectively and at low cost, share a unit.

Whether OSVs, PSVs or similar vessel type, if you are operating regionally, then there is a likelihood that you will operate in and out of the same 2 or 3 ports closest to the operation. These ports may be in the same country or split between a few neighbouring countries close to the operation.

If these ports are in the same country surrounded by the same body of water then treating ballast water before discharge will not be necessary. However if these ports are in different countries then treatment will be required. If your vessel takes ballast water on in one port, then after returning from offshore, it needs to de-ballast this water in a second neighbouring port in another country, then  treatment before discharge will be required. Whilst one option is to fit treatment units on each vessel at considerable cost, you could instead install a port based single stage mobile containerised BWTS in each of the 2 or 3 ports where your vessels operate, so enabling your full fleet to utilise the shared assets when required. Limited ballast water pipe retrofit work will be required on each vessel to allow the port system to connect to the vessel’s ballast water line, however these costs coupled with the costs of 2 or 3 port based single stage treatment systems is significantly lower than the cost of having to retrofit every vessel in your regional fleet with a BWTS.


As per the IMO regulations, vessels should not be allowing the discharge of untreated ballast water – we offer a cost-effective, efficient and safe solution


Our containerised system can be removed and sent to another vessel, where treatment of foreign ballast water is required

Cost effective

Our mobile system may be shared across vessels to save costs


Our system can be adapted to meet your needs as they change and adapt