Mobile ballast water treatment solutions tailored to barge owners

– Designed for mobility, powered by innovation

- An agile, cost effective, efficient option

We understand that for most sea going barges, a permanent retrofit of a treatment system is often not possible. Having a mobile containerised system that can be used as and when required, depending on the project type, is therefore an ideal solution for barge owners. 

Why? Firstly, the mobile system may be shared between a fleet of barges, saving time and money. The system also enables a fully responsive, agile approach to ballast water treatment. For example, in a domestic project where there is no international voyage, the containerised system can be removed and sent to another barge that is operating on an international project and where treatment of foreign ballast water is required.

A ballast water treatment system capable of treating high capacity flow rates is an expensive and, in many cases, complex task on board barges.

The treatment of high capacity flow rates during operational ballasting introduces significant risk to the operation and, in fact, is generally unnecessary. With most operational ballasting conducted within the same location, it is, in fact, only the sea going ballast that requires treatment.


At BWC our barge solutions  are designed around the treatment of the sea-going ballast only – allowing existing operations to remain largely unchanged, and removing the requirement to use high capacity ballast water treatment systems.

Prior to cargo load out and load in operations, barges will require their operational ballast tanks to be empty. However generally after the tanks are emptied there will still be some residual ballast water remaining at the bottom of the tank. To avoid discharging this untreated ballast water during the load out or load in operation, BWC recommends the use of a mobile containerised BWTS to flush or purge the operational ballast tanks prior to the cargo operations commencing.


As per the IMO regulations, vessels should not be allowing the discharge of untreated ballast water – we offer a cost-effective, efficient and safe solution


Our containerised system can be removed and sent to another barge, where treatment of foreign ballast water is required

Cost effective

Our mobile system may be shared across barges to save costs


Our system can be adapted to meet your needs as they change and adapt