Presenting the BWC deckhouse module

– Powered by innovation

- A proven solution for manufacturers and vessel owners

Since 2015, BWC has built expertise, advancing the concept of mobile  containerised Ballast Water Treatment Systems – a solution that best serves the needs of many of our clients.

In cases where the permanent more traditional method of deckhouse fabrication is required, BWC has developed the Deckhouse Module product offering.

If you are a manufacturer or vessel owner, you can take advantage of this service, streamlining the fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning processes.

Simply put, a BWC Deckhouse Module provides a number of savings –  reducing project duration and minimising costs and risks. As installation processes take place inside a pre-approved housing, off-site testing is enabled. Additionally – since the BWTS is pre-installed – this makes for a far less intrusive final installation when compared to a more standard deckhouse installation project.

The best suited technology for the project will depend on the vessel owner’s requirements. As such, the Deckhouse Module designs are suitable for all BWTS technology types, and general arrangements are adaptable to suit ex-rated equipment.


As per the IMO regulations, vessels should not be allowing the discharge of untreated ballast water – we offer a cost-effective, efficient and safe solution


Our deckhouse solutions cater for your specific requirements

Cost effective

Off-site testing and pre-approved housing reduces installation costs


A pre installed system means a less intrusive final installation