Mobile Ballast Water Treatment
Solutions for Vessels

Designed for mobility. Powered by innovation

- A proven solution for on board vessels

Cost-effective: When traditional retrofitting is not the answer, the BWC Bute provides vessel owners with a cost effective alternative.

Recognised: The BWC Bute is compatible with US Coast Guard approved systems, delivering high quality ballast water treatment solutions and peace of mind. 

Trusted expertise:

BWC’s mobile ballast water treatment solutions have been developed from over 30 years of experience in the heavy lift and transportation industry.

- Deck Mounted Semi-permanent Installations

For many vessels with limited free space available within the machinery space, a deck mounted, containerised ballast water management system represents an efficient, cost effective means of compliance.

The BWC Bute mobile ballast water management system can be installed as a semi-permanent retrofit onto the deck of the vessel, with simple pipe and electrical modifications required to connect it to the vessel’s systems.

- Barge Solutions

The retrofit of a ballast water management system capable of treating high capacity flow rates is an expensive and, in many cases, complex task on board barges.

The treatment of high capacity flow rates during operational ballasting introduces significant risk to the operation and, in fact, is generally unnecessary. With most operational ballasting conducted within the same location, it is, in fact, only the sea going ballast that requires treatment.

At BWC, our barge solutions and products are designed around the treatment of the sea-going ballast only – allowing existing operations to remain largely unchanged, and removing the requirement to retrofit high capacity ballast water management systems on board.