BWC awarded design & manufacturing contract for mobile containerized ballast water treatment system

Ballast Water Containers (BWC), part of the Malin Group, are delighted to have secured an exciting contract to provide design & manufacturing services for the provision for a mobile containerised ballast water treatment system. The unit will contain Bawat’s unique ballast water treatment technology and once completed marks the first world-wide commercial sale of a mobile containerised ballast water treatment system.  


BWC CEO Richard Lawson states: “We are delighted to have been selected by Bawat for the design and manufacture of their containerised ballast water management system. Bawat’s technology and BWC’s experience in this field are the perfect match and we firmly believe that Bawat’s single pass technology in its mobile form provides the ideal solution to barge owners faced with the current challenges of ballast water treatment on their vessels.”


BWC, based in Glasgow, provide cost effective, innovative mobile ballast water management compliance solutions for the marine industry. Over the last 12 months BWC & Bawat have formed a collaboration to create a unique mobile containerised ballast water treatment system. The system uses Bawat’s pasteurisation technology to treat the vessel’s ballast water and unlike other treatment technologies the process has no filter and the water only has to be treated once. This single stage of treatment offers the vessel owner the flexibility to treat the water at the ballasting stage before the vessel departs or at the de-ballasting stage when the vessel arrives in port. The mobility of the unit also allows treatment to occur with the containerised unit on board or alternatively when it is on the quayside with the vessel or barge alongside. Finally, one mobile treatment unit can also be shared with several vessels, lowering the cost per vessel for ballast water treatment.             


Marcus Hummer CEO at Bawat states: “After visiting BWC in Glasgow 12 months ago it was evident that BWC’s experience in mobile ballast water management was going to prove extremely beneficial to Bawat, so forming a collaboration with them was an easy decision to make.   BWC has demonstrated a high skill set for design & manufacturing of containerised ballast water treatment systems and we look forward to working with them on this project and many others in the future.”