Mobile Ballast Water Treatment Solutions for Ports

Designed for mobility. Powered by innovation

- Custom designed for use in ports

BWC’s Port Solution powered by Bawat provides a realistic, proven and cost effective ballast water treatment option in port. Whether it is a contingency measure for a non-functioning BWT system on a vessel or whether it is the optimal method of treatment for a specific project, ballast water treatment in port is now a workable option thanks to BWC’s Port Solution powered by Bawat.

- A cost effective, proven, reliable option

  • Single stage treatment
    – Discharge to the unit during de-ballast operations only.
    – Alternatively, ballast via the unit and depart the port with treated ballast water on board
  •  No filter 
    – No filter means no waste products to be disposed of ashore
  • Variable flow rates available 
    From 50 m3/hour and upwards
  • Static or mobile 
    – Flexibility to operate the system from the quayside or from a port based barge
  • US CG approved system 
    – The Bawat BWMS has US Coast Guard type approval

- Implementation of Contingency Measures

In the case of non-compliant ballast water, communication between the ship and the port State should occur. The ship and the port State should consider the following as possible contingency measures:
…2. discharging ballast water to another ship or to an appropriate shipboard or land based reception facility, if available…

Extracts from Guidance on contingency measures under the BWM Convention